| What You Need To Know About IGTV

What You Need To Know About IGTV

Recently while I was on Instagram, I noticed the little TV button at the top right corner of the app. Like this:

When I clicked on it, I was overwhelmed with videos playing. I wasn’t sure what to look at first or what to do next! Believe it or not, IGTV is a great tool for your business. Today I will be sharing with you how to use IGTV, and what it’s all about. Let’s go!

1. There is an independent app. You can download the app IGTV onto your mobile device and it will log you in using your Instagram account. However, you can still view IGTV from your Instagram app.

2. Categories. There are categories that you can click on that filter the different videos. These include:
For you – The videos under this category are videos that Instagram has picked out according to your current choices of hashtags, followings, and likes.
Following – If an account that you follow has an IGTV, their videos will appear under this category.
Popular – The popular category includes videos that have been receiving a significant amount of attention whether it be likes, comments, or shares.
History – Here you can find the videos you previously viewed.
Search – On IGTV you can also search to find specific accounts. This can range from celebrities, DIY accounts, businesses, etc..

3. So, what’s different? On IGTV, the videos are vertical and fit to screen. This is beneficial to watch from your phone screen because we naturally hold out phones upright. What’s also different is that these videos are longer than normal Instagram posts. They can be anywhere from 60 seconds to 60 minutes for larger accounts!

4. Creating a channel. If your business could benefit from videos showing a certain process or a “behind the scenes” video, IGTV is a gold mine when it comes to marketing. This tool is new, and many individuals are still discovering it, which gives you the upper hand. Getting a head start on new social media applications ensures that your business has the potential to really knock it out of the park when it comes to your marketing.

What are you waiting for? Lights, Camera, Action…we can’t wait to see your stream!


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