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By: Julie Goode

A lot has changed in the world of insights since last year. We want to bring everyone up to speed and share some of the new features, things that have changed, and what you can expect moving forward.

How to check insights:

In the new Meta Business Suite, insights now can no longer be accessed through the Facebook page. Now you must go through the actual Meta Business Suite website to view all insights.


Peak post times:

Facebook peak post times are going away for the new Meta Business Suite. However, it will still be available through the Instagram app. We highly recommend recording while you still have them available!




Impressions have gone away in the new Meta Business Suite for individual organic posts; however, they still continue to run on Facebook ads! Because of this change, we recommend replacing this data point with Page Visits when making social media reports!



August 3

Facebook likes and followers:

In Feb 2022, Facebook Page Followers and Page Likes merged into the same metric so you may have seen a drop in “Followers.” But did you notice that Facebook removed the option to follow a page? All Page Followers on accounts will be gone and your accounts will list just Page Likes. Moving ahead, you should encourage people to like your page!



Instagram date range in the app:

In a new update on the Instagram app, you can add an exact date range when tracking your insights. You can now track your insights dating back to 90 days! A major sigh of relief as they used to dump insights after seven days!




It is important to stay informed on any new updates coming to insights. If you have any questions or want some more information on these tips, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at info@germono.com. We’d love to help!


Germono Advertising Company Team