| How To Set Up Instagram’s Close Friends List

How To Set Up Instagram’s Close Friends List

By Morgan Volta, Marketing Coach

Have you heard of the “Close Friends” stories feature on Instagram? Think of it as a segmented list option that makes it easy to share select content with a specific group of your followers. I feel this is an extremely helpful feature if you’re like me and don’t want to exhaust your family and friends with work-related content. With the Close Friends feature, I can choose to send my work-related Instagram story posts to a specific group of my choosing- such as my current clients, business accounts in my area, etc.

So how do you set up Close Friends?
⦁ Head to your ‘Profile Settings’ (the 3-line bar in the top right corner)
⦁ Select ‘Close Friends’ from the menu options
⦁ Click ‘Add’ on the names of the users you would like to add to your list (you can search specific users as well)
⦁ Upload an Instagram story as you normally would, tap the ‘Send to’ button and choose whether you want to share this specific story with all of your followers or just your Close Friends list

How can you use this feature for your business?
⦁ Deliver rewards to your top followers! Send out an Instagram post that incentivizes your followers to engage more with your content, and add those followers to your Close Friends list as their reward. You can share exclusive deals or access to newly released products.
⦁ Similar to a Facebook Group, you could use this feature as a way to connect on an intimate level by sending exclusive content
⦁ Share behind-the-scenes information to make your Close Friends list feel more VIP

A few facts to note about this feature at this time:
⦁ Your Close Friends list won’t appear in your Instagram Business Account insights, though you will be able to see how many people viewed your story
⦁ You can add or remove users. They will not receive notifications about this activity
⦁ There is no limit to the number of users that can be added to your list

If you have any questions on how to set up this feature or how to create an Instagram story, shoot me a message: Morgan@Germono.com.  I’m positioning business owners for a successful 2019 by offering complimentary 30 minute consultations. My hourly and monthly rates are just what 2019 ordered! Contact me to set up a time to talk.

Germono Advertising Company Team