| Introduce Yourself, Hampton Roads

Introduce Yourself, Hampton Roads

I speak at a handful of events on various topics related to advertising and marketing. I handed these out as bookmarks at one of them and received great feedback (see below image)! What you’ll see is a list of the major media entities in Hampton Roads (not all entities, but most of the major ones).
What I encourage you to do is reach out to at least one and share your company with a sales rep…this helps them learn more about you and find ways that may come up to support your business. Often, there are news segments or show topics that they need to fill with content and it helps to have your business out there. It doesn’t matter if your business is small or large, what matters is if you want to grow…you have to put it out there!

When you introduce yourself, it helps to have a press release ready to send. I recommend something like this: “Hi [station rep], I’m John Doe and I wanted to reach out to you to introduce myself and learn more about [station]. My business is in the [insert category here] and I am always available to offer advice, tips, or feedback on my industry. Would you be available for a quick phone call so I can learn more about your company to determine if we could benefit each other?”

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