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Jump Into Video Marketing

Jump Into Video Marketing

By Marketing Coach, Morgan Volta

As a Marketing Coach it’s my job to stay up to date with trends and new developments with social media. But it’s always going to be a learning process because the social media realm is constantly evolving. One area I recently started working on is recording videos. It’s hard! It can make you feel extremely vulnerable, even if you are an expert on your topic. But it’s also a very popular form of communication with your followers, and is currently growing!

So let’s talk about video marketing and how you can start implementing it within your feeds!

In all seriousness, our attention spans in the present are worse than squirrels! By developing your marketing message through a recording, you’ll be more likely to capture your follower’s attention, and hold it. Why? Because video marketing delivers your message in a shorter amount of time while also hitting that emotional element that’s not always applicable through a static graphic or text.

Getting your followers to engage on your social feeds is the reason you have them in the first place. So how can you get started? Keep it short! If you feel intimidated (like I did) then start off with an easy how-to video or an introduction video. Explain why your product is unique or what it does. Do you provide a specific service? Explain to your followers how you got involved with your business in a brief 1-minute or less recording!


Important tips to remember when you step in front of the camera:

  1. ·      Record your video vertically (if you’re using your phone) because it’s more mobile-friendly. You don’t want your users to have to rotate their phone in order to view (too much work,      right?)
  2. ·      Record in good lighting! Also, make sure your background is neat and clear of any distractions.
  3. ·      Keep your videos short: I would suggest 1 or 2 minutes max (especially if you’re a first-timer)


Now that you’re set up, let’s talk about what types of videos will help you see the most engagement from your followers.

·      Product/Service explainer videos: These will help your followers understand what your business is about and whether your services are something they’re interested in.

·      Tips! People LOVE tips or advice. Especially if you have a Facebook business group, your followers will really appreciate that your willing to share your knowledge with them.

·      A video series: Create a step-by-step video series that leaves your followers at a cliffhanger. Start on Monday and give them the full story by Friday that way they’re continually driven to keep watching.

·      Ask questions or tease your followers with a concise caption! This will help encourage more views and increase viewer curiosity.


Essentially videos also help break up your feeds from static graphics or articles. If you’re still feeling nervous about jumping into the video game (no pun intended…maybe), then start off with a Boomerang video! Not sure what a Boomerang is? Drop me a line at Morgan@Germono.com and I’d be happy to show you. Good luck and happy recording!

Germono Advertising Company Team