| Marketing Secrets That You Are Going To Want To Know

Marketing Secrets That You Are Going To Want To Know

Marketing Secrets That You Are Going To Want To Know

Psst, wanna learn some marketing secrets for your business? Continue reading!

Here are 7 tips we suggest when promoting your business:


1. Add your events and posts on your Google Business page. It will allow people to search your business on Google and see all of your events and posts!

For example, if you Google Fabric Shoppe, then their events will pop up and will also include their social media pages.


2. We also suggest putting those various social media buttons to good use. We advise you to follow and engage with other businesses that follow your competition. This is a good way to look for ideas and inspiration for your business and to be able to connect with other people in your industry. Chances are, they are doing the same thing!




3. Instagram filters are so underrated in the editing world. But we believe they carry the best filters for a social media app. We like it so much that, we usually edit on Instagram and then export it to other platforms!




4. If you scroll through Instagram and see a reel you want to create in the future. We suggest you save it to your Instagram account. This is a good way for you to reference it later. We do this a lot when we see inspirational, funny, or engaging audio and videos and want to recreate them for clients. You can save on Instagram by clicking the bookmark tab, at the bottom right under a post. If you press and hold that same button, it allows you to create a folder, so you differentiate the posts you save and make it easier for you to find something.



5. Before you use that trending hashtag, search it first to ensure it’s not hidden or associated with posts that you do not want to line your brand with. Next, make sure your post isn’t going to get lost in the thousands of posts that use it. For example, we could use #marketing all day long but when you search it, a lot of gobbledygook comes up. So we narrow it down to #smallbusinessmarketing or #hamptonroadsmarketing to weed out the yuck. Most importantly, we use Twitter to search hashtags to see what’s trending. If we aren’t sure if it’s National Hot Dog day and we want to create a post about it, we’ll search Twitter first to see if it’s trending.


6. When taking photos, take photos in both the Square and 16:9 format. You can access this by sliding up on the camera options (see video). Taking photos in both formats will ensure you have a properly formatted image for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and the 16:9 is for stories! Here’s a demo: sizing.


7. Additionally, you should make your accounts more accessible for the visually impaired. You can add alternate text to your images to help them understand what is in the image. Alt Text is a detailed example of the image posted!


Well, that’s all folks, we hope you learned lots of tips and tricks to make your social media content better!

If you need any more additional help, we offer hourly coaching sessions! Send us an email: info@germono.com!

Germono Advertising Company Team