| Marketing Tips To Prepare You For 2023

Marketing Tips To Prepare You For 2023

Marketing Tips To Prepare You For 2023

By: Julie Goode

2022 is basically over – Woohoo, you made it! This means it’s time to prepare for the new year. You may not know where to start in preparing for the new year, so we will get you started with suggestions on how to create a more visually appealing marketing strategy and advice for analyzing social media platforms.

1. Canva editing tips

Canva is an amazing platform for creating any visual content you need. It’s user-friendly with a ton of free templates and elements you can use. Can’t get any better than tha! Three tips we recommend for perfecting your visual marketing skills using Canva:

  1. Stay on brand. It is vital to stay consistent in using specific colors and fonts relevant to your brand. Canva Pro allows you to create brand kits and save specific color palettes.
  2. Choose clear fonts. Fonts should be easy to read by anyone and unrestricted to the visually impaired. We recommend sans-serif fonts.
  3. Pay attention to alignment. Elements on your graphics shouldn’t look like they are floating in space. Canvas provides guidelines so you can position elements perfectly on your graphic.


2. Tracking your top posts

December is an excellent time to get a glimpse of what grabbed your audience’s attention for the year by checking your top posts. This is essential as you are developing your 2023 marketing strategies to plan what strategies you should and shouldn’t take with you into the new year. To track your analytics for Instagram… Click the Professional dashboard tab > See all for Account Insights page > under content shared click the posts tab…. from there you should be able to see your top posts.


3. Re-evaluate your platforms

When was the last time you reevaluated the platforms you’re using? Now that we’re coming to a new year, take a look. Are all the platforms you’re on still serving your business? Are your followers still there? Are you connecting with the right audience? It’s okay to leave a platform behind – you don’t need to be everywhere. It’s important to use all your time and resources on things that are actually benefitting your business. If you decide to leave a platform, you do not need to delete your account. You can pin a post to your profile and direct followers to the social media platforms you are currently active on.

4. Our recommended video editing apps

We believe it’s important to prepare your devices so make you can create the best content. People love short videos (Reels, TikToks, YouTube Shorts) to watch in their free time. Currently, it’s one of the best types of content to put out. You can always film and edit videos in the app you are posting. However, if you plan on advancing your editing skills, these are some of our favorite video apps: Capcut, iMovie, Life Lapse, Adobe Rush, Inshot, Headliner, CutStory, PlacerCam, Clips, and Hyperlapse.


If you have any questions or need marketing advice in prepping for 2023, we offer hourly consultations.

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