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Marketing Tools

By Justice Abbott

Looking for ways to simplify your marketing process? Look no further! To do any job well, you need the right tools – especially in marketing. If you’ve been struggling with planning, organizing, or even creating content… here are some helpful tools you may want to try out!

Calendar Tools

One of the biggest components of a successful marketing campaign is a thorough plan. We recommend using an online calendar which will allow you and your team to collaborate and draft content ideas months in advance. A calendar tool is an element to have as a part of your marketing plan because it will promote organization. Within these calendars, we recommend aiming to plan out your content at least a month in advance. That way, you won’t have to cram or rush content that may not be your best work simply because you need a post to share.

Basecamp, Asana, and Trello are all accessible for affordable monthly rates, and Google Calendar can easily be set up through an email address and it’s free! Basecamp is the calendar tool the Germono team prefers to use. It’s an online project management platform that we love to use in collaboration with our clients. This platform does not post to social media, nor is it connected to social accounts, but it is where all the planning and communication is centered beforehand.

Once you decide which calendar works best for your team, it’s good to create a “skeleton” or draft for your content. This means going into your calendar and adding placeholders for events, sales, and other important dates for your business. After your skeleton is completed, you can go in and add the details for each date. This includes writing the post description, choosing hashtags, and uploading the visuals.

Check out this quick video of Lindsey explaining how Basecamp works!

Graphics Tools

Now, we want to take a look at some tools you can use to create your graphics. Graphics are an important part of your marketing… at least to your customers. So, it’s important to have a handy tool for creating unique images.

Canva, InShot, PicsArt, and Montionleap are some of the top creative tools. These platforms offer you a variety of templates to use and they simplify the creative editing process. Having a graphics tool is super helpful, especially for small businesses that may not have an in-house graphic designer. With easily customizable templates, hundreds of fonts, and images to use, these tools are going to make your marketing process that much smoother.

Here at Germono, we like to use Canva because it allows you to use one graphic and resize it right there within the site to fit every platform!

Audio Tools

Now that we’ve introduced some awesome tools to create your graphics, it’s time to start playing with audio! Audio tools will come in handy if you plan on doing anything from voiceovers to podcasts.

Having a tool like Audacity or GarageBand will help you edit your sound clips. These tools will let you do things like delete certain clips or adjust the speed. If you plan on working with audio, we highly recommend using one of these tools… it will make your life that much easier!

As a marketer, these tools are paramount for the success of your business. They can be used for organization, graphic creation, and audio editing. We’ve shared our favorite tools, now we want to hear yours! Shoot us a message, comment on our posts, or email me at Justice@germono.com to share your favorite marketing tools, along with any questions you may have about everything we listed.

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