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Marketing with Video

Marketing with Video

By Justice Abbott

According to Social Media Today, 93% of businesses gain new customers as a direct result of posting branded video content to social media platforms. With numbers like that, it’s important for business owners to know the ins and outs of how to efficiently incorporate video into social media strategies.

If you’re not making video a priority in your marketing plan, here are five video statistics that will change your mind and hopefully encourage you to start implementing them:

5 Social Media Video Stats

  1. After viewing a video ad on Instagram, 75% of all users take further action. Of those 75%, 72% of those actually buy the product!
  2. The revenue of marketers who use video grows 49% faster, compared to the ones who don’t.
  3. Facebook video statistics reveal that over 500 million people watch online videos on their platform every day.
  4. A topping 92% of people who watch videos on their mobile phone go on to share the content with other users.
  5. When people are looking for information about a specific product or service, 66% turn to video information first, only 4% prefer infographics.

These statistics are hopefully encouraging you to start experimenting with video because if you want to sell something, video will help and with numbers like these… you really can’t afford to not use video in your marketing campaign. The days of using the old excuse “our customers are not on social media” are long gone! If you’re creating compelling content, people are going to share your videos, which will only increase impressions and engagement for your page, which will ultimately result in sales going up.

Check out this quick video as a reference to these video stats https://youtu.be/oC_g0V1Chsg

Video tools

Now that you know the importance and benefits of incorporating video into your marketing plan, let’s take a look at some of the best tools you can use to create your video content.

We’ve put together a reference guide of our favorites for you to save for later. Tools like Canva, InShot, Adobe Rush, and Headliner will allow you to upload and edit videos to prepare them for your feeds.  Within these applications, you can add transitions, captions, stickers, or music to your videos seamlessly in one place.


When implementing video into your marketing campaign, captions are beneficial not only to you as a business owner, but also to your followers and potential customers. Most people are scrolling through their timeline with the volume off so seeing captions on a video prompts them to either turn the sound on or just continue watching your video. Not to mention, captions allow you to reach social media users who may have impaired hearing.

A super easy, convenient way to create captions is to use Instagram… that’s right, you can upload a video and add captions right there on the app. Just head over to the stories tab, record or upload a video, click on the “stickers” option, and then select “captions.” Instagram will then transcribe the audio in seconds, and voila! You can then choose the format for your captions to appear that you like best and then you can download the video with its captions to be posted anywhere!

Types of Video to Try

If you’re just getting comfortable adding video to your marketing plan, here are 3 types of video to start with:

  1. Live video
  2. Prerecorded tutorial
  3. Short form video

Live videos are a feature you can use on most platforms which is where you literally… go live! Live videos allow you to address your followers in real time which lets them interact with you by asking questions, reacting, or making comments. When going live, just make sure you have allocated a sufficient amount of time where you will have no distractions and try to have a clean, respectful background.

Prerecorded tutorials are a great way to plan and execute a how-to video. You can write out a script, use props, and edit the video to show text or images. The prerecorded video can be posted across all of your platforms and can even be used multiple times.

Short form video is similar to the prerecorded tutorials in the way you are able to plan and edit. However, short form video is less like a tutorial and more conversational or explanatory. Short form video is good for a platform like Instagram because it allows your video to play within the timeline and users can quickly watch it and take action from there.

Video is already an extremely important element of marketing and it will continue to assert its relevance as platforms continue to update how video can be used. If you haven’t already been using video, now’s the time to start! Use this blog as a guide for tools, tips, and the types of video you can use.

If you need more information or just want a helping hand getting started with video, shoot me an email: Justice@germono.com

Germono Advertising Company Team