| New Year, New Marketing Strategy
new year new marketing strategy

New Year, New Marketing Strategy

By Agency Manager, Cali Pinkstaff


GOOD-BYE 2019, HELLO 2020.

Did you review your 2019 analytics across your feeds? Yes? Good. No? We’ll wait…

NOW! Let’s get to work. Here are 3 things to get your feeds in tip top shape:

1. Clean it up:

  • Delete old promotions and sales.
  • Make sure all contact information is up to date.
  • Change tabs around.
  • Make sure all platforms reflect consistency in your brand and your logos.

2. Plan it out & conquer:

  • Consistency is key. Keep to a consistent posting schedule.
  • Make sure you create content that mirrors what did well last year.
  • Stay fresh. Don’t start repurposing content yet.
  • Stay trending. Use relevant memes, hashtags, apps, etc..

3. Try new things:

  • Try adding a social media platform that you business is not currently on.
  • Experiment with video and going live on feeds.
  • Create a blog!
  • Remember that sometimes the risk is worth the reward!

Need help getting a handle on your feeds? We’re available for hourly consultations!

Germono Advertising Company Team