| Other Ways to Advertise Your Business

Other Ways to Advertise Your Business

Other Ways to Advertise Your Business

By Justice Abbott, Marketing Intern

Of course, we love our social media marketing, but there are still other ways to advertise your business! What a shocker, right? We’re going to walk you through some fun, interactive ways to advertise your business that can be just as successful and fulfilling as social media is. We even use most of these “alternative” advertising tips ourselves!


Send Press Releases 

Press releases are a great way to communicate information from your business/organization to media, print, and other entities, and you don’t need to be public relations pro to use them! This is an exciting way to announce big news like a grand opening, new products or services, business mergers, new initiatives and drives, staff announcements, awards… and the list can go on! Whatever you have that’s worth announcing within your business, sending a press release is a great way to get that announcement out in a fun way.


Host a Podcast

Podcasts are the new up and coming trend for media fanatics everywhere! Hosting a podcast is a fun way to personify your business by having real people discuss numerous topics relevant to you. If you’re a little apprehensive about hosting, a good way to ease into the podcast world is to offer to be a guest on someone else’s podcast that makes sense for your business. This way, you can promote your guest appearance for your own business and this will allow you to shake out your jitters before hosting your own! Look for retail, sales, entrepreneurship, local podcasts, and other topics that will resonate with your brand.

Head over to the dropdown menu above and check out our very own podcast, “Drop and Give Me 20,” as an example… and maybe be a guest on ours!


Write an Editorial

For all you savvy writers, writing an editorial will be a fun way to advertise your business outside of social media! To write an editorial, all you have to do is reach out to an editor and provide quotes, thought leadership, or recommendations on a story they are putting together. It’ll be beneficial for you to find an editor who’s working on story that can relate to your business in some way, that way you can provide quotes or recommendations that come directly from your business. The best part about this process is that you don’t even have to pay for it and it’s great public relations for your company!

I know you’re probably wondering how something so awesome can be free to you. There is a type of editorial that is paid for by a company. This is called an advertorial which combines editorial and advertisement. You can see these advertorials if you flip through a magazine, you may see content sponsored by or brought to you by a company.


Create  a Blog

Along with podcasts, blogging is another new media trend! Creating a blog is a great for you to own the content and ideas you are sharing as opposed to assisting someone else write about your business, like we discussed with the editorial. Blogging is a fun way for you to publish informational content about your business in an informal way that is easy to read for customers. You will simply host the blog on your business website and add meta tags, which are just snippets of text that describe your blog’s content. These meta tags don’t appear in the blog post, itself, but they do allow your blog to be searchable on the web and populate within a search engine!

Try searching up different “how to” content on the web and you will see how different blogs will populate within your search. You can also use this blog as an example, check out some of our other blog posts and tell us what you think!


Although we still support social media marketing 100%, these are just some alternative ways you can advertise your business aside from social media! Sending press releases, hosting a podcast, writing an editorial, and creating a blog are great ways to continue promoting your business. They all also happen to be super fun to do and your clients will love viewing them! We hope you find these non-social media advertising tips as fun and helpful as we do! If you still need more information about advertising your business, contact me at Justice@germono.com to set up a meet and discuss your needs!

Germono Advertising Company Team