| Our Favorite Mobile Editing Apps

Our Favorite Mobile Editing Apps

There are some people who are fantastic photographers and photo editors. I am not one of those people. Personally, I find that computer photo editing programs can sometimes be extremely overwhelming for people who do not have a background in editing, or the time to take the tutorials needed to utilize all the features.

For the most part, I stick to three different photo apps on my phone for editing photos, depending on what I need them for. I am going to use this photo that I recently took to demonstrate all of the different ways that you can edit it with different programs.

Here is the original:

The first app that I love is Snapseed, especially nature or landscape photos. Usually, I at least adjust the brightness and saturation to make the photos crisper and clearer. It also has “drama” as well as “HDR” effects in its filters that is great for making landscape shots really pop! Recently they have also added a few more robust features including some face spotlight features for portraits.

The second app that I love is A Color Story. I have had tons of fun with this app created by A Beautiful Mess! It is great for adding color, light flares, and just editing photos. Although, I need to caution you, its easy to go overboard on the editing, but I love using this app to add some fun to my photos!

The third app that I love is Canva. Their mobile app has gotten significantly better and it’s awesome for making graphics on the go! They have tons of templates and its really helpful, especially when you can’t make it to a computer!

Regardless of which program I am in, I try to adjust the lighting to make it look better and make sure that it’s a clear photo. I also try to be very consistent with the edits that I make so that when someone looks at all of my photos, they see a distinct style. When I feel bored with a specific style of editing, I try to slowly transition into a new editing style so that it’s not that drastic of a change.  Regardless of how much I love some of my edits, if it does not fit with my brand aesthetic I won’t post it.

So tell us, do you use a computer or your phone to edit photos?  Feel free to reach out to info@germono.com for any questions!

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