| Simple SEO Tips For Your Blog Posts

Simple SEO Tips For Your Blog Posts

You don’t have to be an expert in SEO (search engine optimization) to help increase the chances of your blog being served via Google searches. While these tips won’t be enough to catapult you to page 1 or 2 of a Google search they can help and very are easy to implement.

Decide on a keyword and use it often.
Whatever your are writing about pick a keyword or two and refer to those words throughout your blog post. A typical rule of thumb is to use the keywords 2-3 times per every 150 words.

For example my keywords for this post are SEO & Blog so I will be using them as much as I can without it feeling spammy.

Use your keyword in your blog title.
This is simple and straightforward but as an added bonus use your keywords within the first 75 words of your blog post.

Use headings in your blog posts
Headings help break up your post and make it easier for your viewers to follow along and it is also a great way to incorporate your keywords into your blog post.

Use internal and backlinks in your blog post
Internal links allow your users to stay on your site longer by clicking through and viewing previous blog posts you have written. SEO and Google like this. The same is true for backlinks. A backlink tells Google that your website is valuable and others are vouching for you. This might seen contradictory but trust us, it works! If you aren’t sure what a backlink is, click here.

Don’t forget to label your images
This one is also simple but is one of the most overlooked steps in SEO. Make sure you label your images so that they are pertinent to you blog post topic. The title of your blog post is one idea or try using your keywords.


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