| Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

By: Julie Goode

Working in the business industry can be stressful and cause you to forget to implement vital social media marketing tactics. Keep reading along for tips on what we believe you should and shouldn’t be doing in your marketing strategy.


Make sure you are tracking your digital marketing analytics.

Keeping a record of your digital marketing analytics is crucial. It provides you with information on how you can better your services to meet the demands of your customers.

Examples include website traffic, impressions, social engagement, social reach, or even click-through-rates.



Post with a purpose.

Sure, we all want to have a huge hit with our social media posts…but going “viral” is rare. We know it’s tough to do, but try to ignore vanity metrics and focus on posting with a purpose. Inspire your community, solve problems, and tell a story. Those trendy posts may go out of style quickly, you do not have to jump on the bandwagon.


Utilize your competitors

Many of our “competitors” have become friends and trusted resources. Our advice is to not get discouraged by your “competitors”. Utilize your rivals, take notes on their marketing strategies and create a community with similar people in your industry. We are constantly inspired by people within our industry!


Develop a marketing routine

Develop a routine and create a schedule so you are staying consistent on social media. We suggest trying to post at least 3x a week to start. Don’t worry about being on all platforms- focus on one or two to start, to get a grasp of the platforms. This will also make sure you aren’t feeling overwhelmed.



Learn the differences between push and pull marketing strategies.

You might be using push-and-pull marketing strategies for your business without even knowing. It is very important to learn the differences between the two to better your marketing skills. Push marketing involves traditional marketing strategies trying to push products onto specific customers. Your main goal is strictly having your products or services seen by customers with the intent of getting them to purchase. This includes billboards, television ads, or even door-to-door salespersons. Pull marketing involves drawing your customers to your business with more subtle tactics. In this method, you are convincing potential customers to want to buy your products, instead of “pushing messages to them” to buy. Examples of this include sale display in showrooms, and connecting with customers through social media or sharing customer testimonials.

Both of these methods are effective and should be used to your advantage. In traditional media, where the message is typically one way (advertiser to the viewer) pull marketing is really tough to accomplish. That is why digital marketing is so heavy when it comes to pull marketing.

Use hashtags so potential customers can find you

It is important to use hashtags so people can find you, the topic related to your post, or the tip you are providing. But refrain from promoting your products or services within other company’s posts. It’s tacky
and does not always poach those people to your accounts.



Try new marketing tactics

We recommend trying out new marketing tactics.  Your audience may get bored of seeing the same content and it allows you to experiment to see if other tactics work better than others. Mixing up different tactics can be as simple as mixing in videos. Leaning into what the platform is pushing may help your post become more successful (using trending audio or using videos AND photos). Don’t be afraid to try something new, you never know what’s gonna be successful.


If you have any questions regarding any of our tips above or just want some extra help with social media marketing, shoot us an email at info@germono.com.







Germono Advertising Company Team