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Summer Marketing

Summer Marketing

By Julie Goode

Summer has arrived… which means beach, BBQs, and summer marketing! Summer is the best time to stay on top of your marketing since school is out and there is more engagement on social media platforms, due to increased screen time. Because of this, we are here to offer some tips and tricks that are sure to help business owners plan for an awesome summer!


Summer Lingo

When marketing in the summer, it’s always a good idea to incorporate common summer activities into your post verbiage. Try mentioning how your product/service can benefit people heading to the beach, a BBQ, or going on vacation. This way, followers will see their need for your business and will encourage more sales! You can also share employees doing certain summer activities in your social media content. It allows customers to relate to the employees and establish customer relations for your business.


Hit the Holidays

When planning your summer marketing make sure you include summer holidays like Independence Day, Back to School, and Labor Day in your plans. Holidays always offer a great marketing opportunity and often indicate promotions that can lead to an increase in sales. Your competitors will likely also implement summer holiday promotions, so you’ll want to do the same.


Insert Bright Colors and Summer Patterns

Relating your content to summer will appeal to the eyes and attract more customers to your business. You can do so by adding brighter colors or summer patterns to bring a more summer feel to your feeds. Click here for an example


Host a Summer Event

The warm weather gives business owners the perfect opportunity to host a summer event that promotes brand awareness and allows them to get involved with their local community. Summer events like Meet and Greets or Trunk Shows are good ways to bring in a ton of new leads AND let people get to know you, personally!


End of Season Sale

Season-end sales are not only beneficial to customers, but they’re also beneficial to you, as a business owner. Customers are able to purchase items at discounted prices for next year while you’re able to get rid of winter items as you prepare for summer! This will also allow for new summer products to come and also prepare for back-to-school shopping.



These are just a few of the ways you can use summer to stay on top of your marketing. Utilizing seasonal marketing is important since it gives customers something fresh to look at and gives more opportunities for different content to be put out! If you have any questions or want some more information on these tips, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at info@germono.com. We’d love to help!

Germono Advertising Company Team