| Three Must-Know Tips for Hashtags

Three Must-Know Tips for Hashtags

The song, “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” was released in May of 1996 by Daz Dillinger, Snoop Dogg and Tupac. “Gangsta Party” is the alternative name of the song – and, if you type it into the search bar of Instagram as a hashtag – it yields over 21,000 results – twenty years after the album’s release. Looking at the top photos makes you realize we all have a different interpretation of what a “gangsta party” looks like.

What are we talking about when we talk about hashtags? Invites to eavesdrop for the most part. Hashtags are the portal to conversations – for the purpose of listening to them or participating in them. A hashtag is inevitably a searchable keyword related to thoughts, ingredients, services and more as they’re talked about on social media.

As a business, you should be using a couple of hashtag types on social platforms: general hashtags (what the public is using and talking about as it relates to your business) and custom hashtags (those generated specifically for your business). Custom hashtags should be used for events, promotions, increasing engagement with your brand specifically.

Three general rules of thumb:

  1. Identify the hashtags your ideal clients use. Use them to draw ideal clients to your business.
  2. Based on this article I love and always reference for hashtag use, here’s what hashtags do for each platform when used in organic posts:
    • Facebook – Posts perform worse when using hashtags (magic number to use: 0)
    • Twitter – Tweets see 21% more engagement when using hashtags, but see 17% less when using more than 2 (magic number to use: 1 or 2)
    • Instagram – Interactions on posts are higher when using more than 10 relevant hashtags! (magic number to use: 11+). Side note: we like to put hashtags in the comments of Instagram posts, not necessarily in the caption.
  3. When using custom hashtags, be sure to tell your users what, when and how you want them to use them! Word of caution: search your custom hashtags before deploying to identify any local conflicts or inappropriate meanings.


I’m aware I might be showing my age with this post. I was a junior in high school when “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” came out. Our version of a “gangsta party” in lower Alabama was ten or more trucks surrounding a bonfire at the bottom of a mud pit in 50-degree weather after a football game. A smattering of Tupac, Alan Jackson and Soundgarden would play over the truck speakers. There may or may not have been Natty Light. Thankfully, there’s no proof on social media if there was.

So, take this blog and work magic with your hashtags. Let us know the creative custom hashtags you come up with for your business. And if you’re stuck, reach out to us for help. #germonoadvertisingcompany #aintnothingbutahashtagparty #seewhatwedidthere

We’d love to answer any questions you may have on this subject and guide your organization on a social media path that will entice viewers.  Did you know we offer educational and training sessions in addition to our tailored one-on-one services (all real live people here…no bots).  Call 757-777-3780, or email info@germono.com – let’s set up a complimentary 30 minute consultation to learn more about your needs.

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