| Valentine’s Day Marketing

Valentine’s Day Marketing

Valentine’s Day Marketing

By Justice Abbott

It’s that time of year… love is in the air and it should be in your marketing plan too! As a business owner, it’s a good idea to keep up with holidays and seasonal themes because it’s super fun and customers enjoy it. Follow along as we go over some Valentine’s Day themed marketing techniques that will help you market your business!

The most important tip we can provide is to OMIT #Valentinesday hashtags from your Instagram posts!! You do not want to create an entire campaign, just to have it limited in who can see it. As you can see in the screenshot, when we search #valentinesday on Instagram, posts are hidden because some posts may not follow Instagram’s Community Guidelines.

Create a Gift Guide

A lot of people are going to be shopping for that special someone around this time, giving you a perfect opportunity to create a Valentine’s Day gift guide for your customers!

You’ll want your gift guide to eliminate the stress of deciding on a gift, giving your customers some ideas for products/services you offer that can make a great Valentine’s Day present. Include items you want to push and even try creating a gift bundle! A gift guide will not only increase your sales, it will also help you appeal to customer’s immediate needs as Valentine’s Day is one of the most profitable holidays!

Appreciate Your Customers

Love is in the air, so why not show your customers some love and appreciation! Valentine’s Day gives you the perfect opportunity to show your gratitude and love for those who support your business. Try a kind, simple gesture like passing out little Valentine’s Day cards or putting a themed candy bowl on your desk or counter.

For consumers, feeling appreciated and valued goes a long way and can encourage them to continue to support your business. Showing appreciation also reminds shoppers that there’s a human being behind the scenes of your business!


Have a Valentine’s Day Sale

Everyone’s looking for the perfect gift, so why not offer your services at a special Valentine’s Day rate? Running a seasonal sale encourages consumers to patronize your business. Sales also increase traffic to your website or page and with increased traffic typically comes increased sales.

For your sale, try implementing Valentine’s Day colors like red or pink… it might not be ideal for your industry but it will catch people’s attention, and isn’t that the goal of marketing? Put up a sign or two in your storefront window or include some V-day themed posts in your social media feeds.

These are just a few quick tips we recommend trying in the month of February. Remember, seasonal marketing is always a good idea as it gives your customers something fresh and exciting to look forward to when supporting you. Subscribe to our monthly email newsletter to stay up to date with our marketing tips and upcoming events.

If you have any questions or what some more information on these tips, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at info@germono.com. We’d love to help!


Germono Advertising Company Team