| Ways To Increase Engagement

Ways To Increase Engagement

Ways To Increase Engagement

By Justice Abbott

We know you spend so much time trying to create the best content for your followers, but are they actually engaging with your posts? If you’re struggling with these numbers, here are some tips on how you can increase your engagement.

If you want engagement, you must first engage.

You have to be willing to do what you’re asking others to do for you! Social media cannot simply be self-serving… hence, the name social media. Engaging with your followers means doing things like starting conversations, answering questions, or giving tips. Just remember that whatever you’re asking for, you have to do first. The more you can engage with them and they engage back, the more the algorithm will prioritize your posts in their feeds.

Create content for your audience, not yourself.

It’s easy to get caught up in our own bubble when creating content and forget that it’s actually not intended to serve us. You won’t receive engagement if you’re solely creating content or using platforms that you like, as opposed to keeping your audience’s likes in mind. Tailoring content to appeal to your audience will encourage them to engage because you will be posting things that they’re interested in. Think about things that will make your audience stop their scrolling and react to your posts. Remember that your audience is made up of individuals and everyone likes to consume content in many different ways (audio, visual, video, blogs, etc.). Review your insights and analytics to see what’s working best and what’s getting the most attention from your audience!

Be consistent.

This is the most important tip in our opinion. If you want engagement, it’s imperative to be there when your audience is online. To achieve this, you have to set up plan within your content creation. A big mistake is posting, disappearing for a couple weeks, and then coming back, expecting everyone to readily engage with your content. Remember that there are tons of content flooding every platform every day, making it easy for your audience to fill the void of your absence.

Humanize your feed.

Humanizing your feed simply means mixing in pictures of yourself or your team in your weekly post schedule. Solely using graphics has potential to bore your followers and also makes them forget that there are actual humans behind the content! After all, it is social media and people like to see other people. Posting you or your team also entices your followers to engage because maybe they haven’t seen your face in a while, or ever. A break from consistent graphics gives them a friendly face to relate to.

By implementing these techniques in your social media marketing plan, you’re sure to see those engagement numbers spike! If you have any questions or want to set up a FREE consultation with us to go over your marketing, shoot us an email at info@germono.com or call 757-822-8665.

Germono Advertising Company Team