| Working Ahead: Why It Matters

Working Ahead: Why It Matters

By Cali Pinkstaff, Agency Manager

If you follow our feeds on a regular basis, you may have noticed by now that we like to put an emphasis on planning. Planning ahead is what we specialize in. As Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” This will always be a motto we live by.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s important to start planning your social media feeds:

  1. LESS ROOM FOR ERROR. With more time to plan, you’ll have more time to review content and make any necessary changes. (This means your stress levels decrease too!) No one likes typos, blurry images, or a post that looks thrown together. Your followers pay attention and they’ll notice the negligence.
  2. PRODUCTIVITY INCREASES. How so? With anything in life, great things take time. Sitting down and making time to create posts for your feeds will help you get into the groove. Our advice? Set aside one day a week to plan the next 2 weeks to a month out in google docs or websites like Basecamp or Asana.
  3. PREPARATION FOR THE UNEXPECTED. If you’re human, you know by now that life happens. With that being said, you know all the things that can and will go wrong: natural disasters, employees leaving, vacation time, etc. The farther you plan ahead, the better. You will feel less stressed when it comes time to post.


Need help coming up with a plan? Shoot me an email today! I can’t plan your life but I sure can plan your feeds! Cali@germono.com 

Germono Advertising Company Team