| 047: Elizabeth Boardman

047: Elizabeth Boardman

047: Elizabeth Boardman

In this episode of Drop and Give Me 20 Season 3,  Lindsey invited Elizabeth Boardman, the Chief Dreamer and founder of The Milspo Project.

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Elizabeth gave us some updates on what’s going with her business since the last time we spoke to her. You will also hear messages from people she made an impact on.


  • [01:00] The tendency to not hear feedback when working alone and not having someone to report to
  • [03:33] What’s new with The Milspo Project
  • [04:11] What The Milspo Project is
  • [06:50] Redefining their mission
  • [09:45] First letter for Elizabeth
  • [12:45] On navigating fundraising
  • [14:10] Second letter for Elizabeth
  • [17:00] Stepping back and working on things when running a business


  • “Elizabeth owns everything she does and doesn’t do. That doesn’t mean that every interaction is perfect and every decision is the exact right one. And I’d always, every time, rather work for someone who owns up to mistakes and loses and not just wins.”


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