| 048: Jessica Bertsch

048: Jessica Bertsch

048: Jessica Bertsch

In this episode of Drop and Give Me 20 Season 3, Lindsey invited Jessica Bertsch, founder of Powerhouse Planning.

Jessica gave us updates on what’s going on with her business right now. You will also hear some messages from people she has made an impact on.


  • [02:06] What’s new with Jessica
  • [03:18] The testament to being a business owner
  • [04:56] The other element for this podcast
  • [05:30] First letter for Jessica
  • [07:13] Who Randy is
  • [07:59] Second letter for Jessica
  • [08:27] The top 10 things that the messenger love about Jessica
  • [12:03] Third letter for Jessica


  • “Non-profit certainly need help.”


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