| 6 Copywriting Tips For Social Media

6 Copywriting Tips For Social Media

6 Copywriting Tips For Social Media

By Bobbie Anne Williams, Marketing Assistant

Are you ready to grab your audience and increase your engagement on social media with your post descriptions? In this blog, I have 6 tips that will help!

1. Cater to the 5 senses

Do your followers understand your product? They know what it looks like, but do they know what it smells, tastes, hears, or feels like? The description of a social media post gives you the opportunity to create more than just a visual experience. Use the description to help the viewer fully understand what to expect from your product, event, or service by including the 5 senses. Sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch are all important descriptors that can move a viewer to a shopper.

Example for a product: “Slide your arms through these soft flannel sleeves for winter.”

2. Use if/then statements

Using an if/then statement in the description of your post helps followers relate to your services or products. Position your statement to help them think about why they should choose your business.

Example for a service-based company: “If you find yourself struggling with social media, then call Germono Advertising Company.”

3. Focus on their problem, then position your solution

How do you get a reader to take action from a social media post? Paint a problem that they have then describe your solution! It’s okay to reiterate, repost, and remind your followers of the problems your company solves. Also, don’t be afraid to go narrow in your verbiage to grab the attention of niche customers.

Example for a service-based company, like ours: “Are you a small business owner who’s juggling business, home life, and managing social media all at the same time? We can help with full social media management. With our full social media management package, we put on our writing hats and create a custom content calendar for your business, handle all the scheduling and posting, and provide a weekly performance report for you to review. Does this sound like it could relieve some of your business stress? Send us a message for a complimentary consultation.”

4. Add a CTA

Don’t forget to add the CTA! CTA stands for call-to-action. Add a question or ask for an action, such as “share/comment.” Help direct the reader on what to do with the post, otherwise, they will keep scrolling. When adding your CTA, adjust the language to fit the platform. For instance, on Instagram, we would say “send us a DM” instead of “send us a message”.

For example, if you’re selling tickets to an event instead of only posting the event information, add guidance such as “tap here to register” or “share this with someone you’d like to go with.”

5. Incorporate a sense of urgency

To encourage followers to move forward on your call-to-action, include a sense of urgency in your verbiage. I do always recommend being truthful, so this tactic should be used sparingly and not overexaggerated.

Example for a special offer to an event: “This offer is only available for 2 more days!” or “Only 4 tickets left! Space is limited for this event so be sure to grab a seat before they are gone.”

6. Use emoji

This tip reaches outside of traditional copywriting. In social media descriptions, you’ll want to include emoji. Similar to the 5 senses we discussed, emoji help relay emotion, personality, or simply adds some character to a post. They also cause visual disruption between words making a description easier to read at a glance within the feed and are great for social media branding.

Fun fact: The proper plural form of emoji is… emoji 😜

Emoji, like sushi, was loaned to U.S. English from Japanese. However, emojis has been widely accepted throughout American journalism.

As you gear up for holiday promotions and extra social media posts during this busy shopping season, save this for easy reference. If you have a question about any of the tips mentioned above, you can reach me at BobbieAnne@germono.com or call 757-822-8665.

Bobbie Anne Williams