| 7 Marketing Strategies to Leave in 2022

7 Marketing Strategies to Leave in 2022

7 Marketing Strategies to Leave in 2022

By: Julie Goode

2023 will be here before you know it, so we’re here to give you 7 social media marketing strategies to leave in 2022. Too many hashtags, overly branded content, engagement bait – yikes! Let’s dive in.

Auto-posting content

We have to say goodbye to auto-posting. Saving a few seconds of your day is not an even trade-off for unprofessional-looking content that will receive less engagement. Content from one platform won’t always be a good fit for audiences on another platform, and features designed for one won’t transfer to the other. Avoid the need for auto-posting by planning ahead. Tweak your content to fit the audience you’re posting to.

Graphic only content

When someone comes across your business profile, do they get a good understanding of your brand’s personality? Will they feel connected to you on a personal level? Are you giving them content they want to engage with? None of this will be achieved with a profile full of wordy graphics. For your 2023 social media strategy, we recommend adding more videos, encouraging user-generated content, and saving the graphics for big announcements or events.

Too many hashtags

How many hashtags are you using on Instagram? If you’re still using all 30 hashtags allowed, then you’re using an outdated strategy. In March 2022, the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri gave an update on the status of hashtags saying that they’re meant to help categorize content types as the platform moves towards an interest-based experience. More hashtags will not help the distribution of your post. Pick 3 – 5 that are the most relevant to what your post is about for keyword search.

Overly branded content

It’s no secret that people don’t love being sold to. Currently, the top 3 product brands on Instagram are Nike, National Geographic, and Victoria’s Secret. Go take a look, do you see big logos slapped on every picture or a blanket of color-blocked images? Nope! When you scroll by you instantly know who the post is from without it and it authentically connects with their audience. In 2023 try pulling back on overly branding your content, and showcase your business’s personality instead.

Sale exhaustion

Leave the sales pitches behind and get back to being social on social media. And yes, we know what you might be thinking, “…but, what’s the point of having an audience if you can’t sell to them?”. In 2023 trade in your constant calls to action for storytelling. Storytelling is easier for the audience to relate to and will build a stronger customer base than catching one-time buyers from sales.

Engagement bait

Comment a 😍 if…

Engagement bait is a tactic that urges people to interact with posts through likes, shares, comments, and other actions in order to artificially boost engagement to receive greater reach. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have been very upfront about suppressing this type of content so it’s best to leave these types of posts in the dust.

Overvaluing followers

Followers don’t equate to sales. Ever hear of a micro-influencer? According to ExpertVoice 82% of consumers will follow a micro-influencer’s recommendation because they’ve built online trust. Use the same concept for your small or local business! Focus on the audience you have versus trying to gain new followers for the sake of a larger number on your profile.

Give your social media feeds a fresh makeover as we start the new year by leaving these trends behind. If you would more information on these tips or need any social media advice we offer hourly consultations! Shoot us an email at info@germono.com. 

Germono Advertising Company Team