| 9 Elements to include in your 2018 Marketing Plan

9 Elements To Include In Your 2018 Marketing Plan

With the year nearing close, many of you probably have Marketing Plan 2018 on your to-do list. If you are struggling to sit down and work on your 2018 marketing plan, the first thing I recommend our clients do is change their mindset. Think of your annual marketing plan as a blank canvas and then visualize how you want your business to look next year. Take the opportunity to get energized about next year, start fresh, and put your vision into a strategic plan!

I recommend using the KISS principle – keep it simple, stupid. I am not a fan of 10-plus page plans, especially for small businesses that are moving fast and frequently shifting gears. Now with that in mind, and I hope you are excited, here are 9 simple elements to include in your 2018 marketing plan:

  1. Set Objectives – Write down 3-5 objectives you want or need to accomplish for the year. Perhaps it is growing your client base, increasing membership, expanding your social media presence, etc. Whatever the case, make sure your objectives are realistic and measurable. Realistic, meaning you have the resources and you are not setting the bar too high; measurable, meaning you have a current number you are starting with in 2018 and a number you want to reach at the end of 2018.
  2. Define Targeting Platforms – Here you need to define the areas where you will be targeting your marketing efforts.
  3. Define Customers – Ask yourself what your ideal customer looks like including demographics and psychographics. Visualize your customer, then write out the description in sentences as if you are explaining it to another person. For example: A stay-at-home mom between the ages of 22-35.
  4. Define Competition – Take at least 30 minutes and study your competitors. Define your 3 top competitors and note their strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Define Products/Services – Write down the products and/or services you are going to focus on for 2018. Write out your strengths and weaknesses as they compare to your competitors.
  6. Key Messages – Write down the different key messages and tag lines you are going to use in your messaging.
  7. Create Strategies (the Hows) – Write down 2-5 strategies for each of your objectives that explain how you are going to accomplish the objective.
  8. Create Tactics (the Tasks) – Write down the tasks you will need to accomplish for each strategy. 
  9. Make A Calendar – Take all your tactics and put them into a calendar, add start and end dates to each tactic. You can also include an estimated costs column in your calendar and list a dollar amount for each task.

When you are finished with your amazing 2018 Marketing Plan share it with your employees. Get everyone on the same page so you can hit the ground running as a team. Now pull out your paint, or rather keyboards, and start typing!

I would love to help you with your 2018 marketing strategy.  Email us info@Germono.com to set up a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

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