| Email Newsletters: Are They Right For Your Business?

Email Newsletters: Are They Right For Your Business?

By Agency Manager, Cali Pinkstaff

As a marketing agency, we’re always trying to figure out the best marketing approach for our clients. From choosing which social media platforms will benefit them most, to which print marketing publication they should choose: we always have their best interest in mind. Previously, we’ve had clients who have offered an email newsletter to their customers who opted in. I don’t know about you, but my personal email inbox is full of all the email newsletters I’ve ever subscribed to since 2009. I knew what they were, but actually creating newsletters was something new to me. So, naturally I decided to do some digging of my own.

I first started with figuring out which program to use. I chose Mailchimp because I found it to be the most user-friendly for beginners like me! It just took a little bit of navigating and clicking on tabs to get the gist of it. The one thing I will say is that there are definitely some pros and cons when it comes to choosing to use a free account over a paid account. In my opinion, if you have someone on your marketing team that has an eye for design, until you reach the maximum email subscribers for a free account, there isn’t a need to pay to have the templates pre-loaded. I was able to easily create our own templates with the help of our favorite graphic design website, Canva.

Is it time to figure out if an email newsletter is right for your type of business? If you’re not sure, I’ll make it easy on you. The answer is YES. If approached correctly, an email newsletter can benefit any business.  This is how:

  • Builds your brand.
  • Strengthens relationship and credibility among your target market.
  • Increases website traffic.
  • Boosts your sales.
  • Reaches ANYONE on ANY device. 
  • You own it!  You aren’t relying on another company to provide leads.


Sticking to your brand is always a priority in our book. An email newsletter is just one extra tool you can use to help portray that.

Help strengthen the relationship between you and your audience when they see that all you’re really trying to do is provide them with useful information!

By adding hyperlinks to images, you can increase website traffic. Take it one step further by only providing a snippet of information in the newsletter and the rest on your website.

Not to mention, an email newsletter is viewable on ANY device and has potential to have a higher reach than social media! Unlike Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter, everyone has an email address! Unless you’re living under a rock… 🙂


If you would like to be a part of our email newsletter, you can do so by clicking here: https://germono.com/contact-us/ SPOILER ALERT: We’ll be giving out all of our Germono secrets. 😉

If you have any questions about Mailchimp or email newsletters in general, we’re here to help. We’re always available to talk marketing! Send an email to Cali@germono.com. Talk to you real soon. Cheers!



Germono Advertising Company Team