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By Agency Manager, Cali Pinkstaff

If you own a television or a mobile device, chances are you’ve seen the video ad for Facebook Groups. If you haven’t, click here. Groups are Facebook’s way of creating a better sense of community. Whatever your interest is, Facebook has a group for it. You can ask questions, gain connections and ask for recommendations. We’ve definitely made a handful of new Facebook friends within our own Group: Drop and Give Me 20 and others we’re a part of.

As of September 2016, USA Today reported that Facebook Groups reached over 1.5 billion users. That’s over 1.5 billion individuals you have the opportunity of reaching out to and connecting with. In Groups, you have one of three options. You can join one, become an admin or create one. Here are the benefits to joining and creating:


When you join a group, you are most likely joining due to a particular interest. Whether it be your hobby, a political matter, something pertaining to your line of work, or even a local neighborhood yard sale page; there is something for everyone. The benefits to your business? Creating connections! Just like we discussed last week with Nextdoor, individuals are constantly looking for recommendations for local business. What better way than to jump into the conversation than to throw a few words about what you do! Our advice is to avoid becoming “spammy”. Join other conversations and engage in other posts. You’ll become a recognizable name!


Don’t be shy, dive head first and create a Group! You’ll be able to set your own rules & guidelines and assign admins. Pages and Groups are two very different things. Groups focus on engagement where Pages focus on reach and impression. When you own a Group, you control the conversation. It’s more acceptable to post multiple times a day to keep conversations going within the Group. Groups tend to be more fluid with what is acceptable to post, i.e. memes, polls, questions etc.. Groups are the perfect way to gain exposure and connect with your clients on a personal level.


If you’re looking for the perfect group for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and marketing ninjas, we would love for you to join our Facebook Group: Drop and Give Me 20 Podcast. We discuss ALL things marketing. All you have to do is answer the questions and we’ll approve you! Be sure to say that you were referred through blog! For any other questions or concerns, shoot me an email at Cali@Germono.com

Germono Advertising Company Team