| Handwritten Thank You Notes

Handwritten Thank You Notes

Handwritten thank you notes are my jam. Seriously…how many of you in my network have received one of these from me? I love sending snail mail. TIP: Just two to three sentences will do it and don’t use it as a pitch or to sell yourself! I send them when I feel a connection with someone I’ve met, as a thank you, or just to let a person know I’m thinking of them. What happens when you receive handwritten notes? Nostalgia, positive-reinforcement, appreciation, and the warm and fuzzies. “The feels” is how I describe all those emotions.

I noticed one of my social media influencers started following Germono Advertising Company on Instagram AND started liking my posts! If you’re active on social media, you know this feeling. So, you know what I did? I sifted through her Instagram photo posts to get an idea of the things she likes and found an awesome picture that resonated with me (this isn’t stalking, it’s information-gathering). It was a photo of stationary that I also own. I grabbed said stationary and wrote what came to mind and went to mail it and wait…no address on the influencers website. I searched and clicked and could not find one. Then I felt like a weirdo stalker because I couldn’t find a mailing address.
Stumped and frowny-faced…I combined traditional and digital media to make this work! I mean, I went through all that and even wrote the note in my pretty green ink. This thing is getting to my influencer! I snapped a photo of the outside and inside of the card, uploaded to Instagram and tagged her. She responded immediately! An even more exciting feeling!

This was so fun to do, I love getting creative like this. It can be tough to connect with people in the digital world we are in now, but it can be done!

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