| How To Localize Your Business

How To Localize Your Business

How To Localize Your Business

By: Julie Goode

Localizing your business is an important strategy that should be implemented because it allows you to tailor your company to match your community. In our blog today we will be providing tips to consider so your marketing tactics are properly fitting for your community outreach. We will go over Black Friday ideas, Small Business Saturday tips, and specific ways you can immerse your business within your local community.

Joining local business groups:

Don’t skip out on joining local business groups! Organizations within the Hampton Roads region such as Retail Alliance or BizConnect can be vital to your business’s growth and success. Not only are you given copious amounts of networking opportunities, but in many cases, you’re provided with exclusive resources such as free education, first dibs on media coverage, and business grants.

Black Friday campaigns:

Make sure you strategize a campaign for Black Friday. While online shopping certainly has seen an uptick in the past few years, people still want to touch and feel items, especially when shopping for gifts! We recommend posting an item on social media and discussing who that item would be ideal for. For example, a gift idea for a boss. Maybe even offer something exciting for those who shop with you in your location, like a hot apple cider bar. You could have a carafe of cider, with chocolate-covered marshmallows, gingerbread cookies, and letters to Santa box!


Creating heartfelt campaigns:

When crafting up a local campaign, answer this question: What does it mean to you when people support your business? From that prompt, you can guide your followers on something heartfelt. You want to put out sincere messages that encourage customers to want to do business with you. At Germono Advertising Company, we like to highlight our team and staff so when people work with our business, they can put a face on the people who make our company come to life!

Cyber Monday deals:

Cyber Monday is for local businesses too! As you create a local focus for your campaigns, utilize your neighbors for support and come up with a winning strategy that benefits both of you! For example, you could co-host a coupon that allows people to take advantage of a special offer at both of your businesses on Cyber Monday.


Specific ways to immerse your business within the community:

Localizing your business can involve some creativity. Here are five ways to help others find your business:
1. Add your location tag on Instagram posts
2. Use local hashtags like # norfolkva
3. Take photos in front of local attractions
4. Place items your area is known for as easter eggs in your posts (like mermaids for Hampton Roads)
5. Partner up with a local charity or nonprofit

Connecting with an Influencer:

Influencers are also incredibly effective in strengthening your business’s presence. Influencers are great because it is easy for them to convince their audience to try your products or services because they are well-known within a community. Most consumers find view influencers as trusted sources that will try out your product or services for them and will give their reviews on them.

If you have any questions or want some more information on these tips, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at info@germono.com. We offer hourly consultations and are always willing to help!

Germono Advertising Company Team