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I’m counting down to the 2 year anniversary of launching Germono Advertising Company and I’m almost there! Today’s post: Learning.

You can learn a lot from your customers/clients and they from you. When I first start working with a client, I start by understanding who they are, their background, what drives them and what they envision for their business. Each week brings new discoveries and even the most stressful times end up becoming a learning opportunity for me.

When I first starting working with “Ms. Awesome,” we pulled all of her social media platforms and worked on tweaking areas to prepare her for media. When we approached LinkedIn, I suggested that we spend some time there. Ms. Awesome said, “I’m not real sure…I don’t use LinkedIn and not sure if it is an area we should focus.” I explained to her that when people search for you or your business, you want them to find you…and you want them to find you quickly. So, my agency moved on with this platform being one that we use for her on a consistent basis. We spent time updating her profile, building credibility, and bridging connections that were an ideal fit.

Months later, as I’m holding one of our weekly client meetings with Ms. Awesome, I asked her about some of her new business initiatives. She was using LinkedIn to prepare for meetings, due diligence, validity checks, and as a portal for new business efforts. She sighed with frustration as she was targeting a key decision maker within an organization and could not find them on LinkedIn! I stopped her and said, “wait a second…Ms. Awesome, weren’t you the one who told me just a few months ago that you weren’t sure about LinkedIn and how it could help?” She paused for a moment and then smiled. It was an ah-ha moment for both of us. For her, she realized she was learning how to use a platform that she was previously hesitant to use.

What happened next was something that resonated with me, and became a pebble in my shoe…something I couldn’t kick out. It was my learning moment from what happened with Ms. Awesome. When I shared this story with one of my professional contacts, they asked, “aren’t you worried your client may eventually not need you? Other agencies do this sort of social media work for their clients and get paid for it. Your client is mastering this platform and may end up feeling so comfortable with it, they may not see it as a valuable service you offer.” From a competitive standpoint, I see where they were coming from- positioning my business as one that helps take the burden off of others has always and will always be a key identifier. But, I don’t wish for any of my clients to not come closer to understanding how to use their media platforms. I enjoy educating them on why my agency is making the recommendations for their business, showing them how it’s done, and how to use a program.
When a business owner stops checking in with their clients, they miss out on building the relationship that is necessary for both parties to move forward in a successful path. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement. My excitement level compares with how kids feel on Christmas Eve!

Germono Advertising Company launched December 2013 as a full-service advertising agency specializing in traditional media buying and placement in the Norfolk , VA market and focuses on helping local businesses succeed. Services include media planning, marketing and advertising consultations, and public speaking on advertising-related topics. Basically, we’re a bunch of gladiators. For more information, visit www.Germono.com, like the Germono Advertising Company Facebook page or call 757-777-3780 to learn more. You can also follow us via Instagram but that page is managed by company mascot, Athena so all you’ll see there are bullmastiff-selfies.

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