| Let’s Be Real…

Let’s Be Real…

By Cali Pinkstaff

It’s 2020 where endless filters, ring lights, and staged photos are the norm. Unfortunately because of this, authenticity often gets pushed to the side for individual’s vanity metrics – aka ‘likes’. I know, I know…it’s really cool having 200 likes on a photo of you on the beach with the perfect filter and the perfect pose.  Don’t get down just yet…I’m not telling you to give them up! Just make sure you’re being authentic about it.

So ask yourself: are you keeping it real?
Scrolling on your social media feeds, you’re bound to come across some things that just don’t seem authentic. With that in mind…if you can see it in others that means others can see it in you! The true key is to balance the scale of authenticity and professionalism.

Here’s what that entails:

    • DO post about the real you. Tell your story.
    • DO post the behind-the-scenes of what goes into making your business run.
    • DO highlight your employees.
    • DO be honest with your audience.
    • DON’T advertise something that does not fall in line with your brand.
    • DON’T always only post about your product – it comes off spammy.
    • DON’T focus on vanity metrics.


Social media is a magical thing but it only works that way when we connect! On the other side of that phone or computer screen is another person that’s looking to connect with you…that’s looking to learn about you. The products you sell are just a bonus!

SO! This week we’re challenging you to put your business out there and show the REAL side of things: the nitty gritty, the behind the scenes, and the not-so-shiny bits.

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Germono Advertising Company Team