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Our Favorite Apps

By the whole Germono team!

Yep, there’s an app for that! This week the Germono team is coming together to give you the inside scoop on our favorite apps to use for content creation.

Bobbie Anne:

I’m the odd ball at the agency… that’s right, I’m the Android user in the group. Luckily I’ve found a few apps that are both IOS and Android friendly! For mobile video editing I love using InShot. It’s beginner friendly and includes a nice selection of royalty free music to choose from. This is a free app, however I personally choose to pay the very low yearly fee for InShot Pro to get the extra features. For photo editing, my go-to is PicsArt . This is another free app with many great tools, including a full library of custom filters, to make editing a breeze. It’s the perfect place to start before moving on to Cali’s favorite app, which you’ll read about next!


Can you guess mine? If you follow our feeds, you’ll know that my favorite app is Canva! I recently did a quick video demo for those who aren’t familiar. (Check it out on our feeds!) In my opinion, Canva is the most cost effective entrepreneurial graphic design tool on the market. If you can master the basics, you’ll be able to create logos, posters, documents or any type of graphic your heart desires. The possibilities are truly endless. Canva is FREE to use, however there are versions you can pay for at a low cost to really vamp up your creations. If a monthly fee isnt in your budget, you can make in app purchases at an a la carte price. Canva can be used via desktop or mobile device. If you need help creating content, I’m your girl! Feel free to send me a shout at Cali@germono.com


I love AR Placer Cam for IOS, Life Lapse and Pixaloop! I’m surprised Cali didn’t mention any of these because she turned me on to Pixaloop! Placercam is fun when you have a panel of speakers or just want to augment text. Life Lapse is clunky but so neat when you nail it down. You can create stop image videos, and slide images to create fun posts. Pixaloop adds unicorn magic to images. You’ll just have to look it up to see.

There are thousands of apps to choose from, each with their own pros and cons, but we hope you find our suggestions helpful! Didn’t see your favorite app mentioned? Find us on social media to let us know what your favorite apps are for content creation!

Bobbie Anne Williams