| Why Its Okay To Repurpose Content

Why Its Okay To Repurpose Content

why its okay to repurpose content

Why Its Okay To Repurpose Content

By Agency Manager, Cali Pinkstaff

Next time you’re having a social media writers block, remember this blog post! We create content daily for ourselves and our clients – and trust us – its a lot of work! We understand that things can get stale from time to time and that’s okay. Many business owners believe they have to constantly create new and exciting content. Most of the time you should, however; there are times when it is appropriate to recycle and repurpose older content.


Repurposing content reaches more of your audience. Just because you posted something a month ago – or even a week ago – does not mean that John or Sally saw your post. Individuals are individuals, meaning that some of your followers prefer to check social media in the morning, some check at night, and some rarely check at all.


We don’t mean repurposing content by copy & pasting your previous posts. If you’re pressed on time and out of creativity, use the same verbiage but an alternate photo. Optimally we suggest using an alternate photo with verbiage along the same lines.


There are times where it is most beneficial and times when it is not.

-DON’T repurpose holiday content.

-DO repurpose educational content.

-DON’T repurpose all the time – it will come off as lazy and most of all spammy!

-DO repurpose the posts/type of posts that did exceptionally well according to your insights.


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