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Show Us Your Team Love

By Molly Vivian, Social Media Intern

Let’s face it, we fell in love with social media platforms to connect with the people we know and then to be entertained and informed. It is a highly personal and very personable medium. It is about the human connection first. I’m rarely scrolling with the intent to buy something. So what gets me clicking on your page when I’m really looking for a personal connection? Your people.

If I am following your business, chances are I already adore your product, but I want your product to speak to me personally too. Unlike traditional media, I kind of expect you to make me feel part of your business family. In featuring a shot of your design team at the drawing board, or the person behind the scenes who lovingly attends to the details that make your product unique, or your office mascot “supervising” the workday’s activities, I now feel like I know you; we’re one big social media family!

I will come for your story and stay for your product. Your story is what differentiates your business from impersonal mega-stores. When you let your team shine, I am not just another sale, I become a privileged insider. Showcasing your team tells me that you appreciate your people. And if you appreciate your people, it is easy for me to believe you appreciate me, your customer. So show your team some love and let me love them too!

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