| The Social Media Sweet Spot

The Social Media Sweet Spot

By BobbieAnne Williams, Marketing Assistant

Social media is in a constant state of change. This can make marketing your business exhausting at times while trying to keep up. Let’s be honest, we’re all just out here trying to find that sweet spot in the algorithm for our content to be seen! So how do we find it? If you’re looking for a quick answer, unfortunately it’s not that simple. There are quite a few variables to find the sweet spot we’re all looking for. Don’t fret just yet…I’m here to walk you through it.

There’s No Krabby Patty Secret Formula

Once you understand that there’s no secret formula, breaking it down becomes a little more simple. Let’s start with how often you should post. This is going to be determined by your audience and what type of content you are posting. If you’re a beginner, start with once a day. Posting daily will help you develop a healthy social media rhythm, gives you an outline to what type of content your audience likes to interact with, and keeps your business relevant in your followers feeds. Once you are comfortable posting daily, add in a few extra posts throughout the week on your most popular days. When posting multiple times a day be sure to give your posts some time to breath. Typically your post will receive the bulk of it’s interactions within a 90 min window. Posting again within that window will stunt the potential reach of the previous post by making the algorithm choose which post to show. Most algorithms, depending on the platform, favor momentum. This means that once you’ve gained a healthy amount of interactions, you’ll want to continue building on that daily! After you’ve had some time to observe your post performances, you can gauge whether to scale up or down with how often you’re posting on your account.

Now to answer the question I know you’re thinking by now… “does that mean I have to post every single day“? Luckily no. Missing a day occasionally isn’t the end of your social media world and it might even be a good idea to schedule a day once a week to not post. With that in mind, it’s not a good idea to leave your feeds silent for too long. In your absence, other accounts are taking your place in line. If you know you are going to be away from the office or otherwise unavailable to post for an extended period of time, I suggest scheduling some posts in advance to guarantee everything continues smoothly while you’re gone and you keep your place in line.

When To Post

Now that you know how often to post, it’s time to figure out when to post. Generally, no matter what time zone you are in, the most popular times a day to post will always be around meal times! This is when people have a moment in their day to catch up on notifications and browse for entertainment. Individually, your accounts may have additional peak post times, depending on your followers and the type of business you have. If you’re not already, I highly recommend becoming familiar with your social media analytics to truly know when you should be posting! Check out our blog on Tricks to Keep Track of Analytics to get started. Having access to peak post times, peak days, and break downs of your followers is a major plus of having a business account on any platform and needs to be utilized if available.

In conclusion, know that there is no cookie cutter answer and each account is unique with a completely custom audience. Take a moment this week to view your data points and chat with your followers to find the sweet spot that works best for you. If you’re still in need of assistance feel free to contact me at BobbieAnne@germono.com for a free consultation.

Bobbie Anne Williams