| Tricks to Keep Track of Analytics

Tricks to Keep Track of Analytics

By Agency Manager, Cali Pinkstaff

When is the last time you took a peek at your analytics? Has it slipped your mind? No worries…start NOW! Keeping tabs on your data is a social media marketing must. From figuring out when to post to what you should post, analytics is a gold mine of information. And guess what? Every business platform you own has an analytics tab! With everything else you have on your plate, we know it can be hard to stick with it. Here are three tip & tricks to help you stay on course:


  1. First things first: create a report template. By creating a report template, you can keep track of your insights week to week. This gives you a structured outlet to plug the information into. We like to use PowerPoint for the visual aspect. If you’re an Excel or Google Doc lover, that works too!
  2. Schedule a time-slot each week to update information. Think of it as part of your job – which it should be by now. Just as you would schedule a meeting in, schedule an hour of your time solely dedicated to inputting new data from the week’s insights. Don’t forget to compare the percentage in increase or decrease from the prior report. Consistency is key. Be sure to do the reports on the same day of the week every week for an accurate reading.
  3. If the time truly isn’t available, designate the reports to another coworker or employee. 


If this still seems like too daunting of a task…have no fear, Germono is here! We can help get you started today. We’re available for hourly coaching. If you have any questions on how to get started, feel free to drop a line to me, Cali, at Cali@germono.com

Germono Advertising Company Team