| The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling

The art of storytelling…try using it in your creative when you get stumped for ideas. Here’s one from me- a few months ago, one of my sorority sisters suggested I look into a networking group. Right…that’s what I need- more networking groups!? But, I went and was blown-away-impressed with the organization because of the demographic, like-minded members, and mix of different industries involved. (If I go to one more networking event where 15 of the 20 attendees are in the financial industry, I’m going to slam my head in a wall…no offense to those in the industry…ya’ll hustle better than me, or any walls). The group also fit with my target audience. When you’re networking, you get to a point where you ask yourself if this group is helping you and if it isn’t, you choose to leave it. Which is okay- I mean, not all groups are a good fit at that time for you.

I was honored to meet Nicole Hope and Elizabeth Boardman, co-founders of The Milspo Project and if you’ve been following me, you’ll see I am not only drinking the Kool-Aid, I’m making jello-shots with it and bringing it to all parties. Go check them out and support military business owners, the organization is 501(c)(3) nonprofit http://www.themilspoproject.com/ . Both women are military spouses and own other businesses, though what identifies them most to me is their ability to make you feel important and part of something bigger than you. They put on this amazing event, EMBARK and brought in the most impressive speakers: Bottle Breacher, owned by a Former Navy SEAL and his extremely talented wife, is a winner of Shark Tank and makes bottle openers from 50 caliber bullets. Rocky Harrigan, owner of unbrandedAR, is one of the smartest marketers I’ve come across (using her sales expertise to market AR-15 parts & rifles). There were more, but in the interest of time, I’ll leave it there.

Here I am after 4 days in Vegas for another conference, jumping on a red-eye flight, then driving 2 hours, sharing a hotel room with strangers, and running on about 4 hours of sleep…

I write this to give you ideas on how to mix in a different strategy for creative in your marketing arsenal-telling stories and sharing your experiences. Or you can call me, and I’ll help you out. 🙂

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