| Why Its Important To Encourage Feedback

Why Its Important To Encourage Feedback

By Cali Pinkstaff, Agency Manager

Encouraging feedback can seem intimidating at first to business professionals. Unless Simon Cowell is the one judging you…there is nothing to worry about! Here are three reasons you should encourage your consumers to leave reviews about your business.

  1. How else will you know the truth? Leave it to the public and small children to be blatantly honest! Your friends and family members are often true supporters of your business but how often do they tell the absolute truth without compromising your relationship and your feelings.
  2.  How else can you truly grow as a professional? If someone is told all the time how great they are, they are less likely to see the need to push harder and do better – leaving them complacent. If you take the advice from multiple sources over time, you’re watering a garden that is bound to flourish.
  3. Why not use it as free marketing for your business? Who doesn’t like FREE? Use reviews that individuals have left to your advantage! (Well, the positive ones.) Individuals are more likely to use a business that has evidence to back up it’s claims. Copy and paste the review into a graphic to post out on your social feeds!


With this being said, not all feedback is going to be positive all the time and that’s okay! It’s the way of life and let’s face it: no matter how hard you try or how great of a service you provide, there will always be a sour grape in the bunch. My advice? Take everything with a grain of salt and keep it moving.

Need some creative ideas on how you can encourage feedback or share it on social media? Shoot me a message and I’d be glad to help you brainstorm anytime. Cali@Germono.com

Germono Advertising Company Team