| Why We Review Top Posts

Why We Review Top Posts

Why We Review Top Posts

By Bobbie Anne Williams, Marketing Assistant

Looking back at your top posts isn’t just for nostalgia, it helps you understand what type of content your audience likes to engage with the most and how each platform differs. As a social media marketing agency, we are constantly testing out new styles of content, changing up verbiage, and trying out new features. Viewing our top posts in insights helps us know what direction to go in and what we should move away from. Read on as we look back at some of our top posts and show you how to find yours on each platform.


Do you know what topics your Twitter audience is interested in? Find out in your analytics! For the week shown below, Reels was a popular topic to discuss with our followers. View your Twitter analytics by visiting your home page on a desktop, select the more tab, then view analytics. This will pull up a separate window. At the top of the page, you’ll want to click on Tweets to view your top tweets.


Now let’s find your top Facebook posts. We like to view our Facebook Insights weekly to see which post performed best. For us, posts like this one typically perform better than others because it shows an image of our team. People love people!

To find your top Facebook post:
Visit your Page -> Insights -> Posts
From there you can compare your posts by reach, engagement, and impressions.


Did you know you can view your top posts from as far back as 2 years on Instagram? Below is our most liked Instagram post from the last year. We’ve found that trending posts like House Plant Appreciation Day perform well because it’s a fun topic, it reaches a specific audience that is interested in the subject, and can include niche hashtags that are more likely to be seen.

To find your top Instagram post:
visit your profile -> select Insights -> content you shared -> choose metric -> choose range


LinkedIn is a little different when it comes to what type of content to post. Because LinkedIn is a professional platform, your top posts on Instagram and Facebook that are geared towards entertainment may not receive as much attention here. We recommend checking your LinkedIn analytics no less than bi-weekly to see what you should be posting more of.

As an admin of a LinkedIn business page, you can view analytics for your account at the top of the profile, then select your time range.


I hope this helps you find the right direction for your content! For the top social media platforms mentioned, analytics are tracked for you to view at no charge. Please take advantage of these free tools that are available to your business. If you need assistance in understanding what your analytics are saying about your audience, let’s set up a one-on-one educational session. Contact me at BobbieAnne@germono.com

Bobbie Anne Williams