| Your Target Audience

Your Target Audience

This week we’ve been talking about “target audience”. What does that mean?

  • Target audience: Particular group of people, identified as the intended recipient of an advertisement or message.


When marketing your business, you always want to start with the basics. A large part of that is deciding who your target audience is going to be. This is crucial to the success of your business. If you choose to market your business blindly, the analytics will reflect. In order to figure out just who your target audience is, you’re going to need to brainstorm. The main question you need to ask yourself is: What type of product or service do you offer and what type of person is interested in what you have? To figure out your ideal consumer, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What geographical area am I targeting in?
  • What gender am I marketing to?
  • What age range am I marketing to?
  • What are some common interests that individuals might have with others that are using my service/product?


Once you figure out who that ideal consumer is, the most important thing to do is to stay consistent. We get it, the dream is to appeal to EVERYONE! However, there is nothing worse than a business flailing all over the place with their marketing. Remember what we said earlier in the week: quality over quantity. If you find that your business hasn’t been trekking in the direction you intended, its okay to go back to the drawing board and reassess.

After you have successfully figured out your target audience, now is the time to roll with it. On social media platforms, it is crucial to brand yourself according to the target audience. From your logos, to your graphics, to your verbiage, everything should be cohesive. It could be as simple as: if you’re a company marketing to women in general, you may want to have more feminine; Men, more masculine. If you’re marketing to the younger crowds, make sure you’re up to speed with new technology. You want to be familiar with popular apps and trends.
Marketing to milspouses? Stay relevant, supportive and relatable.

To recap, two things you should take away from today are:

  1. Stay consistent
  2. Quality over quantity


If you are having trouble figuring out who your target audience is, or any questions regarding your marketing strategy, feel free to drop me a line at cali@germono.com. We offer FREE 30 minute consultations!



Germono Advertising Company Team